Friday, November 5, 2010

Lady Brand to Clarens

Well it has been an exciting week. Firstly thanks to the owners of Smokey Joe’s Dinner for the use of their laptop and internet.

I was met in Lady Brand by “gouws” and Tracey who took me back to their house when I was going to stay. I met Tanita their Daughter when I got there. When they showed me to my room I found the parcel I ad been expecting with my new shoes and GU energy supplements, I was like a kid at Christmas. They were amazing people and they looked after me so well. Tracey went and bought me a new shirt, sweets, padkos, suntan cream and really took care of me well. The next day was my rest day and “gouws “ called an told Tracey that Nedbank Maseru were coming to see me to try and get some publicity for my run in Lesotho . The manager, Vusi, and his marketing person Rethabile arrived later in the day, we took some pics, and they gave me some hats, shirts, umbrella and a new raincoat. So hopefully some pledges for the charities will come out of Lesotho.
Later that evening we went out to the local steak house where gouws treated us to a scrumptious dinner and good company with Julian, Maria, Tanita and Tracey. It was a good time.

Later that evening gouws and Tracey gave me a wonderful donation towards some new equipment that I may need along the road. Sorry Tanita, I got your vacation money  .
The gouw’s are a friend of mine from work, vasti’s, family and I was interested to see how many of her mannerism’s and characteristics came from her family. Tanita has all the same gestures and emphasis’s in her body language as her sister. Oh, I forgot to mention that although gouws and Tracey think the run the show in the house, Tanita actually has them around her pinkie finger 

Thanks for a great stay Gouws family I really enjoyed it.

I left early the next day and headed for Clocolan, its 38 km to Clocolan. The km flew by quite quickly but I felt overloaded with all my new Ned bank stuff and energy supplements from GU. Therefore, along the road a few lucky children had new hats, shirts and a water bottle.

Eventually with about 10km to go to Clocolan, I passed some road maintenance people. One of them, a youngster, Moswandile, a trainee I s suspect decided to abandon his job and tag along with me. He was full of questions and wonder and constantly probed me for info about my journey. He told me about his home in Bothebelo and his church. He also tried to paint the picture that he was the boss of the road maintenance crew and his leaving them was no worry at all. Just when I thought he was about to come all the way to Kili with me his cell phone rang , there was an animated discussion in Sotho and when he hung he sheepishly looked at me and told me that he had to go as that was his boss who was not too happy about him abandoning his job . We parted ways after a picture together.

Shortly thereafter, I entered Clocolan and found joy and Keith at the Clocolan Chalets where I was to stay. Joy seemed to enjoy the company and chatted away endlessly. She has Diabetes that seems to be out of control and she explained that she is losing weight at a rate that she cannot control.
I promised to send her a picture of me on top of Kili as that was important to her, as she wanted to hang it in the pub.

I left early the following day and headed for Ficksberg .tested my leg for about 1 km without problems and then decided to walk, I spent the next while getting angry with drivers for being selfish and for littering so much on the roads. You can tell when you are 10km from a town because that is where the drivers throw all the takeaway boxes and cool drink and alcohol bottles out their windows. The road cleaning crew who I met told me that what I was seeing was only for two months as that is how often they come past. It is flippin disgusting.

I met Pete when I was just about to enter Ficksberg; He is a roadside artist that specialises in Tombstones and garden ornaments made from sandstone. I shared my sandwiches with him and he showed me how to chip the sandstone into neat shapes .Very interesting indeed.

I found Fiona in Ficksberg and was surprised by the size of the town, I went with her to the Bellevue B&B, she is also a runner and we chatted about injuries and the effects of ice and heat. Fiona and Gerit have a stunning Sandstone Guest house that is fit for king. I had dinner with Gerrit and Fiona and enjoyed it thoroughly. Gerrit and I discussed his work and my work, this was a change, and the first time I had.

I was woken up at midnight with the sounds of someone in my room. I could see no one but after serious searching and investigation, I found the culprit, a frog. In the rubbish packet that I had left on the floor.

The next day was a long and hard day from Ficksberg to Fouriesberg, 50km, walking only took 9 hours. The day was broken by the presence of regular informal Cherry sellers along the side of the road, most of them had the cutest little straw stalls they had built themselves and others had occupied old farm stalls from days gone by. I eventually bought a small pack of cherries so that I did not have to discuss my lack of cherries at every seller I came to.

Later in the day I had another encounter that has led me to believe that I am being chased / shadowed across the by God . A silver 4x4 pulled up and Stephan Opperman , a regional sales guy for Nestle , got out , we chatted for a while and he then showed me his bible and specifically Joshua 30:18 which was to say that if i trust in God he will look after me . i quite liked that idea.
Thanks Stephan for the support and the donation.

The scenery has changed dramatically in the last couple of days and the majestic sandstone buttresses leave me in awe of what nature can produce . I spent the night outside Fouriesberg with Dermot and Yvette Obrien from Camelroc guesthouse. Yes, there is a rock that looks exactly like a Camel.

I Spent the evening on my own and decided this walking really sucks and that tomorrow I will run and see how the shin holds out.

I set out at 6 am and had a magnificent run to Clarens, The scenery was awesome, and the running was spectacular. I saw the road markings for the Surrender hill marathon. It is quite a hill. You should come run this race if you have not already, because as far as a spectacular view m it takes some beating.

I arrived in Clarens before lunch and was treated to a free coke and water from the person at the village grocer shop.

I am staying at the protea hotel tonight thanks to the marketing person from the hotel Christine.

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