Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Lydenberg to Manouta

Lydenberg to Orhigstad ( Hannah game lodge )

I had a fantastic stay at Lorna and Frans , the rest day was perfect and i spent most the day with Tanie Charlotte and Lorian around the house .If you ever want to meet a person that has a super positive outlook and an undaunted faith then i suggest you take a drive to Lydenberg and meet Lorna , I will not go into details but with the amount of adversity they have had in most would have cracked , so hats of to a really great family .

Franco dropped me off at really early an di set off on the downhill plummet from Lydenberg to Orhigstad , It was a great days running and was spent mostly reminiscing about family holidays with my parents and 3 brothers in the big white Rambler that we owned , with red seats that you stuck too if you sweated to much .:-) Fishing at a place called sycamore , I also dared my oldest brother Grant to give me a donkey bite at watervalbowen when my parents were in the shop , well he did , I screamed so loud they thought he had tried to kill me ..

I arrived at The turn off to Burgerfort and was met by Wayne the GM of the Hannah game lodge , I was treated to seeing a stunning Sable antelope bull which was a site to be remembered .

Orhigstad to Manouta park

I left Hannah and head up the Able Eramus pass . I really prefer the civil engineers who build tunnels compared to those who build passes . This Particular pass does not have a single flat bit on the way up and it seems to go on forever. Gee whiz, dig a tunnel dude .
I went over the top and descended into the settlement of California where I was hailed by on of the fruit sellers ,Muis , to come over and chat . She was a wonderful lady , she fed me on banana’s while we talked and she insisted , with a big smile and a wink ,that should I return this way that I should stop and stay with her for the night . then her and her friends packed up laughing and asked if I needed another wife so I don’t get to lonely on the road . We parted with a good laugh and I headed for the strydom tunnel .

Things were getting quite busy now and I was seeing people all the time . The drunk in the politically sloganned T-shirt , the road side vendor with a bird watchers scope to make anyone jealous , the ladies at the tunnel who need a demo of me running with pram, twice .

I arrive at the Manouta caravan park and was directed to a chalet , The only other guest were a family from Tzaneen so I hung around at the pool with them and the lady at the bar ,Laura, kept up a steady flow of Black label and a Jack of two .
It was a really enjoyable relaxing afternoon .

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