Monday, October 18, 2010

Derust to Aberdeen

So i have come from De Rust to GraaffReinet since i kast updated . Internet is less avalable than expect in most of the smalltowns , unlees you want to pay overpriced connetion fees which i have decided against .

Derust - Barendes In derust I stayed in charming guest house called Oliviers rust which the ownders kindly sponsor my night in the guest house as well as providing me with great Burger and chips from there little shop next door . I made full use of the pool which was crystall clear and old . I left at 4:15 amthe nxt morning and headed for barandes . The road wa quiet and the running was good . My super PRO , mom . sent me an sms tellin gme that she had found a guesthouse called Rens Riech that would put me up for the night . I called Amour when i reach Barandes and she sid she would come and fetch me from my location at the 56 km raod marker with teh promise to retun me there the next morning .

I met Amour's husband , Borsie , great gyu but if you not a cheetahs supporter then rather keep quiet :-) .

Barandes - Willowmore . I ask Aour and Nico how far to Willowmore from there home and they told me it was about 12- 15km . what was lost in tranlastion was that i was talking about Willowmore the town and the were talking about the tar road to Willowmore . They dropped me back when they haad collected me and i ran 12 km back to the house , had breaksfast and set off at a nice fast pace on the "15 km" left to Willowmore . I hit the tar after 13 km and expected Willowmore to be over the first rise , i was greeted with a 21km to Willowmore sign . A lesson , don't waste your water unitl youare 100% sure of your destination .:-)

Just before reaching Willowmore a Marron 4x4 pulled over and would you believ it out hopped , Elain and Lorrie , The same couple i had seem a week earlier at the top of Tradoux's pass.

Eventually I reached Willowmore and was the guest of Ian and Jane Zaayman .

What good people they were , I arrived and it was Janes birthday . We had a great evenig and I met both Ian's mom and the Pastor . Got my injections sorted out .
Ian told me tha it had not rained since 10 march and at 3am that morning the thunder crashed and the rain came down .

Willwomore to Aberdeen - I set off at 6:30 am in the rain . i went only 34km to Beer vlei farm where i met Ansie and Andies , who happen to breed Parrots , amazing beautiful birds .

the next dat was 46 km to Stopies farm and after that i headed to Aberdeen .

In Aberdeen I satyed with david millar and his wife marlyn . We had agreat but late supper , a quick tour of teh town and a photo shot with the local newspapr . The people of teh tourism and publicity board had put together a small donation and this was truly apreciated .

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