Thursday, October 21, 2010

I set off at 4:20 am to try and beat the heat as it is 56km from Aberdeen to Graafreinet . The running was great , easy flat run for most of the way , I hit the the 42km mark in 5:02 but lets take a step back to the 30km mark for a second. David from Aberdeen had alerted me to keep an eye out for a Bed at the 30km mark . A bed ? yes a real 100year old bed . Made of brass too . So there it was just near the 30 km mark . Shining in the sun light . And the story ? you may well ask . it goes like this .
About 100years or more ago the was a boer farmer who's wife got really really sick so in an effort to get her well he needed to take her to the doctor in the nearest town . She was so sick that she could not travel so he took her and her entire bed and loaded them onto his ox wagon and made a desperate dash to get to the doctor . Sadly she died and in his grief he buried her and placed the bed over her grave as a memorial to her . and that's how the story goes .

Eventually i arrived in Graaf reinet , Yippee a rest day . I was walking down the main street heading into town my mind was focused on one thing only and that was to get to the Super save store i could see and buy a coke for myself . As i approached i became aware of a karoo farmer looking type watching me carefully from just outside the door of the shop , I glanced at him a couple of times and my mind just could not place him as i was still focused on my Coke . Ahha , it was Johan , I was relived to see him as i was finished and I was going ot be staying with Johan and Aleta Theron from the next wo nights . Aletta , my sister inlaw Gwen's sister appeared out of the shop and handed me an ice cold coke . We headed back to there place and straight into an ice cold pool . How wonderful that was ! Followed by a Snoek on the braai .

Later that day I accompanied Johan and Alleta to Prayer meeting with the Gideons society of Graaf Reninet , it was very enlightening and amusing as well because never in my life have a heard a sheep Bleating in the middle of a prayer session , I won't say who the guilty party was for leaving their cell phne on but i heard a rumour that his wife did the same thing in the women's prayer meeting . Soues van Zyl made a donation to my cause and I was presented with a Gideons bible to accompany me on my trip . Aletta organized my places to stay in a lot of the towns after Graaf reinet and I was thrilled that she was able to do this .

I spent the next day loafing around the house and relaxing and eating everything i could find in the house .I got a parcel with some transact and letters from my family which was a wonderful surprise . I really enjoy the letters
. Thanks Johan and Aletta for wonderful stay in your house

Graffreniet to Middleberg .

The Glen ,
I headed out of Graaf Reinet at about 4:30 am , I was heading for a farm called " The Glen " .

I was fairly down and depressed when I start today and could not really put my finger on why , everything was just hard and i think i was a bit homesick but it was Richard's 16th birthday today . I called as soon as i knew he was up and was very happy to chat to him . He did admit the 16 felt the same as 15 but he was happy with his gift and had had a great festive party on the weekend . Once i had chatted to Richard my mood changed for the better and i started to enjoy the day .

I made fairly quick work of getting to " the Glen " and Marion de la Harpe was suprised to see me so early . i must say they have a magnificent farm home . Marion took me straight inside and produced so me tea and we had a good chat about my venture . She told me about a german couple on bicycles who had passed through a while back .

Anthony arrived home and we had lunch together and i was treated to a drink that was home made from a citrus fruit called a Pamplemous , it is not grapefruit and is far to bitter to eat , The drink was wonderful . Anthony took me to see the sheep being sheared after lunch an i was amazed to see how quick the guys are and how the throw the fleece for sorting .
Anthony showed me the clear difference between wool and mohair .

Marion and Anthony run a 3 star guest house on their farm and it i s well worth the a visit as I will show you what a 4th generation family farm looks and feels , like full of history and tradition . is the contact for them .


I left the Glen before the sun was up and head for first the Naudesberg pass 1450m and then the lootsberg pass 1750 m . The wind was howling straight into my face for most of teh day and i t took over 5 hours to manhandle my pram up the passes and down to the JAgpoort farmstall .

At the farmstall I met Alet Schoombee , and she pointed me in the direction of the house where I would find here husband Niel .

I went staright and had som elunch and then had a solid sleep as i was shattered from the passes andthe head winds .

I coul s say lots about what i saw and did at jagpoort but one thing stood out above all else but before i mention that i have to say the since leaving Agulhas , Jagpoort was the first working farmstall that i encountered tahtw as not in a town and the coke fridge was a welcoming sight .

Oh , yes back to the one thing that stood out , this is a love story not to be missed .
Alet and Niell wrote there first love letters to each other when they were in standard three . By standard 8 they were dating properly and with the obvious breaks for military duty and studies they have been together ever since . Alet told me that when she was in high school that her father had tried to convince her that the she meet other guys before getting too involved . he explained that there were many different sweets in the jar and that she had only tried toffee and should try other before deciding on her favorite . well , she told him that she liked toffee and that was that . They refer to each other as their true first loves .

Jagpoort to Middleberg .

today on the raod was really interesting . the runing was going well but the wind was picking up and i had to make 40 km to Middleberg .

I was running along thinking about my sore foot and what i could do to fix it . Cortisone came to mind , strapping came to mind , I even thought about praying for it but then i remembered that according to the bible you supposed to have a group of people together if you want you pray to come true .

I stopped took a good pic of a windmill and some flowers and then headed on my way

I saw a fancy looking sports car coming towards me and it went whizzing by like all the other cars and we shared a wave . The car disappeared over the hill behind me but i thought i heard the sound of the motor gear down .

A few minutes later the same fancy sports car crawled back passed me made a U turn and stopped in front of me , I went to the passenger window and greeted the young lady . The guy behind the wheel leaned across , asked where i was going , ask what i was smoking when i told him and promptly handed me an ice cold Energade . They asked how things were going and i said all was pretty well except my foot . Well with That Martin Joubert and his wife Adri were out the car in a flash and there we were in the middle of the Karoo praying for my foot . A sign , I don't know , you decide .

They gave me some sweets a fancy self defense stick and the promise of assistance if I need it .

Martin , Adri you made my day , and the foot feels a lot better .

Later i entered middleberg but will save that for another post .

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