Thursday, October 7, 2010

Go Go Go

Got to the Southern most point at 6:30 am . Couple of photos , Said go by to friends and family and away we go . I had Rob Korb and my brotehr Steve headed out with me . Rob set a blister pace as normal and had to be reined in . Kathleen took over from Rob at 12 km and pushed on to 21 where we parted way ..Thanks guys for great time and the support . The day went smoothly and quickly , Steve and I got to bredadorp after about 5H:30 m. .

Arrived in Agulhas after an extremely stressful day , full o f mis-communications and unseen hurdles.but here i am . Went down to see the Southern most point . I am ready but also not ready , Worried about what i have let myself in for . Miss my home comforts already ...heheheh..have not even left yet .. So tomorrow morning 7 am is the time to go .

thanks to all those who supported . thanks to my club mates for there help . thanks to my family for there support .
Who knows what tomorrow brings :-)

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